Exceptional, Caring, Supportive, Trustworthy, Highly Recommended!!

I was referred by a close friend and hired Mirene Mairena to represent me thru my divorce. She helped me get thru what could of been the most painful time of my life. As I have never been thru something like this before...Mirene was incredibly understanding to all my needs and requests and was very sensitive, thoughtful and detailed. I was at ease with her and that allowed me to focus more on the drama going on in my marriage. When things were very confusing and dark at that point of my life...Mirene was the only one I trusted. In the end my husband and I decided to call off the divorce and are still together as a family today and words can't describe the upmost respect and no judgment I got from Mirene, when I myself felt a bit embarrassed after having her fight for me, her support made the whole overall experience a grateful one for me!! She's very professional and passionate in what she does and she does it well! I would highly recommend Attorney Mirene Mairena and her Firm!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Mirene knows how to get things done the right way with her vast knowledge and experience. I can't explain how pleased and grateful I'm for all her hard work and how caring and strong attorney she is. Mirene was willing to put in more time and effort of her to make sure she was as prepared as she could be; I had a complicated divorce, and happily got 100% custody of my kids in less than 2.5 month, thanks to her! She made sure I understood what was going on at all times and we were in regular communication. She really invests herself into the work. Would highly recommend her. AWESOME attorney! 

Excellent attorney - highly recommend

Mirene took over my husband's child support case after the case was at a standstill for almost three years with a previous lawyer. My husband was being accused by the DOR and his ex-wife of not paying child support for three years when he had paid the money directly to his ex-wife and not the DOR during that time. Mirene helped my husband's case finally move forward after opposing council was MIA and my husband couldn't get a hearing. Mirene navigated the difficult legal system in Florida with professionalism, toughness, and relentless effort. Mirene keeps very thorough records and left no stone unturned. She was well-prepared for court every time my husband had a hearing. She didn't back down to the opposing attorney and was very detailed; anything the attorney tried to throw at her she was ready to counter. Mirene was always very responsive, professional, and insightful to our emails or calls. We're happy to say that the case is FINALLY over thanks to Mirene. We felt like she genuinely wanted to help us resolve this case once and for all.